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A Sunday Slice at Co.

November 21, 2011

On lazy Sundays, I often resort to feeding myself with restaurants in my immediate neighborhood.  And let me tell you, boy, am I glad to live in such close proximity to great food.  One of my favorite neighborhood restaurants for a light supper is Co.  I have been in love with owner Jim Lachey’s other more famous establishment, Sullivan Street Bakery, for some time now and was glad that Co. featured that same light and airy bread.

I love to start my meals at Co. by sharing an appetizer and I have been a big fan of their salads lately.  The radicchio is earthy and unctuous while the escarole is punchy.  The artichoke is probably the lightest of the four.  Large shavings of parmesan curl over tender olive oil poached artichoke hearts and the capers add brightness along with the lemon dressing.

The special pies from Co.’s seasonal menu are always a great treat.  They are quite creative with the toppings (the ramp being my all time favorite)  and the Oktober fest pie is no exception.  Who knew that chorizo, sausage, sauerkrat and mustard could taste so delicious over pizza?

To accompany the special pies, I always turn to one of Co.’s signature pies.  The stracciatella is one particular one that I always overlook, preferring the sweetness and richness of the flambe.  However, after taking one bite, I realize why this is a classic mainstay on the menu.  The stracciatella is seductively hidden underneath a handful of fresh arugula and instead of overwhelming the pie with creaminess, it actually lightens the slice.  Unfortunately, as the case with most of the pizzas at Co.,  the crust can be too thin in the center to fully support such a fresh cheese but pizza is never meant to be a clean and neat dish anyways!  So grab a fork and knife or just dig in with both hands and try to fold all that goodness before they fall overboard and enjoy!

Co. | 230 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001 |

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