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Dinner for One: My Makeshift Chirashi Bowl

November 16, 2011

Sometimes when I am craving sushi, nothing satisfies more than a bowl of perfectly cooked sushi rice topped with fresh selections of sashimi.  And when that sudden craving strikes, I throw together my own makeshift version of the chirashi bowl in lieu of hopping on the subway heading to Kurumazushi.

To start, I pick up a plate of sashimi with salmon roe from the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market and set my Zojirushi rice cooker to cook.  Half an hour later, with a bowl of fresh sushi rice, I arrange the sashimi slices carefully on top, three generous slices each of salmon, yellowtail and tuna.  It really is that simple.  The beautiful slices of sashimi are clean and refreshing while the jewel-like briny salmon roe pop in my mouth.  This truly is an ideal layman’s meal.

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