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A Snowy Day Starts with Brunch at Union Square Cafe

November 3, 2011

When it is snowing fast and furious outside on a Saturday morning three full days before November arrives, there is not much left to do other than to bundle ourselves up tightly and to stay dry and warm indoors.

Why not duck into Union Square Cafe and pass the time with a Saturday brunch?  Danny Meyer’s very first establishment still has that magic touch of the perfect balance of thoughtful food and top notch hospitality that makes you feel relaxed and pampered.  Union Square Cafe recently started brunch service and there’s no day like a snowy day to warm up with some hearty food.

Do you ever have that dilemma of whether to go savory or sweet for brunch?  I am constantly battling this desire for eggs against my sweet tooth.  At Union Square Cafe, I think they have finally a solution – a bacon chips with scrambled eggs as a starter.  The eggs are perfectly fluffy and soft, slightly underdone.  I use the bacon to scoop and the crispy saltiness balances out the mildly creamy eggs perfectly.

Now with my egg cravings satisfied, I feel more free to explore non-traditional brunch items.  The pappardelle with roasted goat is just what I am looking for.  The soft handmade pasta is supple with tender goat, just a the right amount of game.  Porcini mushrooms add an earthy taste while the mustard green punches up the dish with a peppery spicy.  The half portion is perfect for brunch or lunch.

And if you want more eggs for a main, the Dominican beef Victor might just do the trick.  A single poached egg perches on top of a bowl of flavorful rice and beans studded with tender beef.  The blistered peppers are a great touch on the top and help cut the richness.

Since this brunch is starting to feel more like a lunch, why not end by sharing a dessert?   And I am so glad we made the decision to pick the USC banana tart.  This beautiful tart arrives and I am in love already before even taking a bite as my spoon shatters the caramel shell that enrobes the roasted banana.  The banana is still warm and has just started to melt the honey vanilla ice cream.  And don’t forget the five little macadamia nuts coated in caramel.  I can’t help but to pop a few more than my share.  Now what is more satisfying than being warm and satiated in a welcoming setting when it is snowy and harsh outside?

Union Square Cafe | 21 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10003 |

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