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East Meets West: Kirimochi with Confiture de Lait

October 26, 2011

What do you think of when I say mochi?  I bet those little mounds full of ice cream with rice cake wrapper pop up to mind.  For me, mochi (or nian gao in Chinese) is so much more.  I discovered these Japanese dry mochi, kirimochi, a few years ago in college and I used to love eating it nicely toasted and puffy with a drizzle of maple syrup.

I had picked up a pack of the kirimochi at a Japanese deli on Sunday and just this morning, I stumbled across a jar of Fauchon’s confiture de lait that I had bought back in shamelessly large quantities over Christmas in Paris.  What a strangely interesting combination, I thought poking my head around the fridge after dinner and landing on the confiture, the French equivalent to dulce de leche.

I tossed two mochi pieces onto a nonstick pan on the stove top for a few minutes at high heat.  After both sides were toasted, the mochi puffed and that was when I knew they were ready.

Just enough of the confiture de lait to coat the hot mochi on one side and they were ready to be eaten.  I didn’t bother with fork and knife, going with my fingers instead.  The toasted mochi had developed a crisp crust that yielded to a soft and chewy inside and the confiture gave it just a hint of sweetness.  Sometimes, it’s the strange and unusual combinations that make one deliciously satisfying snack.

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  1. October 4, 2016 11.54 pm

    I just recently tried making pizza with Kirimochi! So delicious! I love pizza but am always looking for an alternative to pizza bases. Making my own base seem to take too much time and cleaning up the floury mess makes it worse. But with kirimochi, it’s really easy and my pizza is done in 15 minutes! It’s also naturally gluten and wheat free. Recipe on my blog:

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