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Holding onto that Summer Feeling

October 6, 2011

We are such funny creatures.  In the midst of summer heat waves, we complain about the humidity and the high 90s temperature, longing for crisp Fall weather.  Now that the temperature has finally dropped enough to bring out sweaters and knits, I can’t help long for those hot summer nights.  So we went to Pearl Oyster Bar in West Village hoping to find just one more summer night.

Fried oysters nestled on beautiful half shells with tartar sauce to start the meal.  Crispy and crunchy, these were some of the most plump fried bivalves I have had in a while.

Of course, I will not pass up on Pearl’s infamous lobster roll at the urging of many and what says summer more than a bun overflowing with chunks of lobster?  And yes, this was as large as it looks and I could not manage to eat this without the help with knife and fork.

Finally, a big bowl of beautiful bouillabaisse for AD (aka AD) and a platter of mixed grilled vegetables to share.

The air was significantly cooler that night by the time we finished dinner, but inside the restaurant, it was still the middle of summer by the beach to me.  I am definitely keeping Pearl in mind next time I want a little taste of warm weather in the dead of winter.

Pearl Oyster Bar | 18 Cornelia Street, New York, NY 10014 |

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