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Currently Reading: The Family Meal

October 4, 2011

I have never pre-ordered anything before but I couldn’t help myself and broke my own rule when I saw that Ferran Adria came out with a cookbook of his own.  It was a risk ordering something without any reviews out yet but now that I have my very own copy, I am so glad that I took the risk.

The Family Meal is by no means an intimidating book despite the formidable and daunting fame of its author.  Instead, the book is filled with recipes that Ferran Adria and his team cook for themselves.  The most unique part about the Family Meal is that the menu is divided up into 31 meals of 3 courses.  Each meal comes with a picture shopping list showing you what you have to buy fresh, what you can find in the fridge and what to grab from the cupboard.  In addition, the book walks you through each recipe step by step with pictures, making everything look so easy that I want to start cooking tonight.  But for now,  will just read!

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