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Flex(ing my) Mussels

October 2, 2011

(Sorry about the pun in the title – I just couldn’t resist)

I love my mussels, especially steamed mussels.  And I love them even more when they come in 23 different flavors which is why whenever I crave seafood, I go to Flex Mussels.  The restaurant has that easy breezy effortless feel that can really transport you out of the city and right into Prince Edward Island on the eastern coast of Canada.  I have been a loyal fan ever since I first tasted the burnt fingers appetizers (pile and piles of fried shrimp, oysters and calamari) and the flavorful Thai mussels steeping in the coconut curry broth spiked with lemongrass, ginger and garlic.

My current favorite is the Marseille, a South of France inspired variation.  What I love about the Marseille is that it also is filled with plump shrimp and calamari with a large crouton.  I love dipping the crouton with the garlicky rouille into the saffron seafood broth, which is good enough to drink on its own but even better this way. 

If you aren’t in a mussel mood, there are plenty of great alternatives including a wonderfully crispy fish and chips and a tomato braised cod.  I recently shared the cod with TC and was pleasantly surprised.  The tomato mussel broth was rich and was the perfect sauce for the spinach leaves hidden at the bottom.

Of course, a meal at Flex is not complete with dessert and please don’t skip out on the dessert menu here.  At least be open to looking it over when your waiter/waitress offers it to you.  I can guarantee that you will be unable to resist once you have it in your hands as the menu is filled with recreations of childhood favorites such as whoopie pie, shortcakes and donuts.  Oh the donuts.  There are 8+ flavors of fillings but I can save you the trouble and tell you that the best way to go is chocolate, chocolate and chocolate with maybe a salted caramel thrown in there.  The smooth vanilla bean dipping sauce tempers the piping hot fresh donuts and I always sneak spoonfuls of it whenever my companion isn’t looking.

I love that it’s constantly mussel season at Flex Mussels because I am always up for a bucketful of mussels fit for whatever mood I might be in.

Flex Mussels | 154 W 13th St, New York, NY 10011 |

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