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My SF Bites: A Love Affair with Blue Bottle

September 7, 2011

To say that we were obsessed with Blue Bottle Coffee is like saying, like saying that I like to eat.  No, we were pretty much infatuated.  At least, DC and I, the two coffee drinkers of the group were and yes, we were found waiting in the ever present line of Blue Bottle’s Ferry Building location at least once a day.

Even though the line is long, the wait is pleasant in the atrium of the Ferry Building and the staff is friendly and fantastic at what they do and there’s always a fabulous drink and bite to eat at the end.

Look at how she’s enjoying her morning cup…

I wish we had time to sit there to enjoy but time is limited for us travelers.  For me, it was always a cup of their New Orleans style iced coffee and a hot off the iron liege waffle to go.  It was my first time tasting New Orleans style iced coffee and I am hooked (as if not evidenced enough by my day after day excursion to the Ferry Building).  It has a deep and round flavor with a faint smokiness entwined in each sip, lingering in the mouth.  The milk gives it a richness that is rarely found in other iced coffees.  I might seriously consider abandoning Cafe Grumpy’s iced latte if this dangerous thing comes anywhere close to convenient for me in New York.

And yes, about those liege waffles.  Now, I have nothing but the best things to say about Waffles and Dinges but I have to be honest.  The liege waffles at Blue Bottle is from another realm.  They make it for you to order and the waffles arrive piping hot in a coffee filter.  The first bite has a soft crackle and releases the steam that has been hiding within the strands of yeasty dough.  The outside is dusted lightly with sugar and once in a while, when you get a bite with that granular sugar, it creates a happy dance in your mouth.

Here, take a bite!

Just kidding!  But wouldn’t it be awesome if I could actually share this delicious bite with you?

In addition to the numerous liege waffles and New Orleans coffee that I consumed within a short span of time, I was also able to try the affogato before our dinner at The House of Prime Ribs.  Yes, dessert came before dinner that night.  I can never get enough of affogatos and approved of the one made here.  Maybe one more extra shot of espresso to completely drown the generous scoops of ice cream?


Blue Bottle Coffee | Various locations in San Francisco, CA |

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  1. September 7, 2011 9.53 pm

    “But wouldn’t it be awesome if I could actually share this delicious bite with you?” Um, yes. Let’s get on that technology, pronto!

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