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My SF Bites: In-N-Out Burger

September 5, 2011

Why hello again!

I am finally back on the east coast after spending a few delicious days discovering San Francisco.  And of course, one of the first quintessential west coast bites that I had to fit into the schedule was an In-N-Out burger.  What better way to start the SF bites with one?  Sadly, we didn’t have room in the schedule to officially eat a meal there so a snack it was!

Now, I am a die-hard Shake Shack fan, through and through.  Give me a double Shack burger (rare, of course) anytime.  While I don’t consider myself a burger connoisseur, I do know what I like from a burger and I hold the Shack burger on a pedestal.  So when I heard that some prefer In-N-Out over Shake Shack, I had to settle this score for myself.  I split a double-double protein burger with JZ to save room for dinner while DC and VW split a double-double regular.

My verdict?  The patties were thin and cooked a bit too well done for my taste and sadly they lost the glistening juices that Shake burger manage to retain.  And yes, while the whole package came together pretty nicely and the ingredients were fresh, what’s a burger without that intense beefy flavor of a perfectly cooked patty?

So I gave In-N-Out a shot and probably have offended a legion of In-N-Out fans.  It’s okay though, you can have your double-double and I am just glad to have all the Shake Shack I would want in my backyard.

That’s it for now – a little glimpse of my 4 days eating tour.  More of my SF bites to come and I am quite excited to write about them!

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  1. September 6, 2011 11.29 am

    Quelle horreur!! That’s sacrilege! aahhh!!! we cannot be friends anymore. (j/k)

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