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Currently Eating: Cocoa Krispies and Soy Milk

August 28, 2011

I didn’t really have a typical childhood food-wise.  Growing up, the only cereals we had in the house was raisin bran which I steered clear away from, preferring to feed myself in the morning with cookies and cake and whatever I could find in the house.

Two years ago I discovered Cocoa Krispies and went on a Cocoa Krispies binge, buying 4 boxes each trip (surprisingly hard to find in stores).  I would have it for dessert after dinner, with a splash of Silk soy milk unsweetened (I also don’t really like milk – yes, also very strange).  The soy milk has a roundness that skim milk lacks and goes so well with the cocoa krispies.  I let the cereal sit in the soy milk for a little bit, just enough time for them to soak up a little bit of the soy milk.  The last bit of milk always tasting lightly of chocolate.

Oh the chocolate-y goodness.

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