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A Little Bit of Pop and A Little Bit of Rock

August 6, 2011


Happy Saturday!   I was Internet less for quite a few days due to a dead modem and Time Warner’s general lack of competence.

To entertain myself in the meantime, I learned the joy of pop rock chocolate and thought I would share with you the step by steps.

Step 1:  Host a guest who has just returned from the Middle East and befriend him or her so they kindly bring you back a bar of pop rock chocolate

Step 2:  Unwrap as usual. Trust me, it is not going to explode despite what is depicted on the wrapper.

Step 3:  Place a small square in your mouth and let the chocolate melt. It is quite creamy actually so enjoy it!   Whatever you do, don’t chew or you will ruin the surprise!

Step 4:  Slowly you will feel little pieces of pop rock emerge as the chocolate melts away. Still do not chew until all you have left are the pop rock pieces. Some might start the party a little early but wait!

Step 5:  When all you can feel are the rocks, start to open your mouth and they will start jumping and popping.  To help things along, pick a big piece and snap it open with your teeth.


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  1. Maki permalink
    August 6, 2011 9.36 pm

    Thanks for the instructions, Gu! Clearly I’ve been doing it wrong all along.

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