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A Long Weekend

July 11, 2011

I can’t believe that even though this blog started only a week ago, I am already behind on posting!  It was such an activity filled weekend that I will do a little “drive-by”, including a quick review of Desnuda.

Saturday started out with finishing up the Jill Pettijohn cleanse (not my finest two days but I survived on green juices and Razzleade).  To distract myself, a trip to the Lego store in Rockefeller Center with a stop by Momofuku Milk Bar inside Ma Peche for TK.  I managed to say no to even the offer of free sample of their blackberry Keffir Lime soft serve.

Saturday Rock Center Adventure

As soon as I finished the last juice of the day, I cheated a little (does that still count as cheating?) and went for a late dinner at Desnuda.  I have been wanting to try this east village ceviche and oyster wine bar ever since walking by a year and half ago.  The space was small, consisting a narrow long bar with about 20-25 seats.  The room, dimly lit, hummed with murmurs of conversations over plates of oysters and fresh ceviche.  We started with truffled popcorn and tea smoked oysters (again confirms my preference for enjoying oysters the natural pure way).  Next, followed King Salmon ceviche with a sweet potato puree and Shrimp ceviche with cucumbers, red onions, lime and lemon juice and cumin.  The shrimp ceviche, clear favorite of the night, was livened by a hint of heat created by the cumin.  I loved that Desnuda was dedicated to ceviches and oysters, a perfect late night snack on a hot summer night.  Of course, I am eager to return for $1 oyster nights!

Truffled Popcorn, Smoked Oysters, Shrimp Ceviche, Salmon Ceviche (starting top left clockwise)

Sunday was drizzling but the roommate and I made our way to Brooklyn to join DM, K-Rae and J-Rae for a little backyard BBQ of burgers, potato salad, corn on a cob and a Canadian dessert that I am failing to recall the name (delicious layers of chocolate ganache and custard and cookie crumbs and walnuts).  Of course, a little campfire is called for to end the night.  Sadly, we failed to keep a real fire going for more than 5 minutes and had to resort to using J.Crew catalogs and Yellow Pages to keep the flames flickering.

Brooklyn Bridge

It is finally the Fourth of July!  I spent the Fourth last year in Cabo where they shot off a few slightly pathetic spurts of fireworks to humor the American tourists.  This year, to make up for lost times, I was able to get a fantastic view of the performance from JL’s rooftop in Tribeca.  What was even better than the view and the fireworks was the amazing dinner that JL’s roommate and her friend had cooked for everyone.  The minute I heard that these two were real chefs who worked with Angelo Sosa and at Eleven Madison, I knew we were in for a treat.  Even though my stomach was already full after two rounds of deviled eggs and steak tacos, I kept on stealing bites of the okonomiyaki throughout the night.

Deviled Eggs with Squid Ink and Gochujang (top left), Soy Glazed Skirt Steak (top right), Okonomiyaki (middle left), Sochu Watermelon (middle right), Our Table (Bottom)

And to end the amazing weekend with a beautiful view of the Hudson:

Sunset on the Hudson

Desnuda | 122 East 7th St, New York, NY 10009 |

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